Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dead School...

It's that time of year...
busy, nonstop, crazy.
Everything is coming to an end and summer is here!
We've had two milestones lately that were cause for great celebration...

That's right,
He's awesome!
He worked so hard to accomplish this.
Not many guys his age are willing to go to school full time,
hold down several jobs,
make A's
and be a dad & husband.

And, just a side note, he kind of completes our family circle...
I birth people,
JJ takes them to jail,
Bec leads them to Jesus,
and now J-rod buries them when they're done :)
We're pretty much a one stop shop!
That's not to mention Hubs saving them in the ambulance and Aunt C's ability to make everyone more beautiful!

Back on track now.
J-Rod's graduation was cause for a celebration!
We decided to throw a big party in our back yard.
This was the front of the invite...
Hubs had the ingenious idea to make it look like the hand out you get when you walk into somebody's funeral!
Aunt C did the cake which wast amazing!!

Our family is known to be a bit off color with our humor sometimes!
Thankfully J-Rod loves our humor!
Unfortunately, that concludes the pictures from the party.
At our last count we had over 45 people, not counting kids over the course of the party.
We had a blast!
The kids enjoyed the trampoline and slip and slide,
the adults enjoyed the tons-o-food and visiting!

Congratulations J-Rod!
We are all so proud of you and happy that you've found something you love to do!

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