Saturday, September 24, 2011

3 Months...

Carlos, you are 3 months old!
See that smirk on your face...
Just so you remember,
I'll point out that you turned 3 months old on a crazy day...
the first day mommy had to handle a morning of shower, school, lunch packing, wee school, babysitter, work.
We all made it, on time.
Daddy usually holds you up for your picture, but I thought, no biggie we'll be fine...

You would NOT SIT STILL!
I could hear your brain...
"haha, mommy, I'm not gonna make this easy"
We moved to the chair...not much better.
We did have an eager helper though...
Enough about the picture.

Start over.
Carlos, you are 3 months old.
I weighed you at the hospital this week and you weighed
(you did have a wet diaper though)
You are mostly wearing 3-6 month clothes.
We've started up a box for the next baby boy that comes along.
(but don't get too excited, because it won't be at our house!)
You wear size 2 diapers.
You've had a few more firsts this month.
You took your first road trip with mommy to Women of Faith!
We had a great time.
We spent some time in the nursing room, and all the women enjoyed taking turns holding you!
That's us with BFF
(You're the one in the Moby)

You went to your first football game and made it to halftime.
Daddy will tell you that you had to leave because you hated the band...
but the truth is, that by the time they hit that awesome crescendo at the end, you were so excited, that you just couldn't contain your emotions another minute...
You wanted more band, not those smelly football players!
Oh, and it was HOT!
That is you at the game with Granny Lin.

We also sent Bug and Ace back to school and had some alone time with you.
You are extra fun right now because you've perfected your smile and you love to "talk" to us when you get excited about something!
You've also found your tongue...
So cute!

You also had your first bottle since supplementing you in the hospital...
You did great.
Speaking of firsts...we had our first day apart.
Before mommy went back to work, she hadn't left you for more than 2 hours.
We both made it!
 You've done great for daddy and haven't had too much trouble going from bottles back to mommy.
You are also bald right now...
your baby hair is falling out and your head is shiney :)
You are an awesome boy!
Oh, and guess what...
Ace still thinks you're cool!
We love you so much and can't wait to see what the next month brings!!

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