Thursday, September 22, 2011


I went back to work.
Everybody survived...

There hasn't been much blogging because we have been busy.
So, here's a brief recap.

After vaca was back to school for this lovely little lady...

Turns out, 2nd grade is awesome.
School is still fun.

The next week it was somebody elses turn...
Not as much enthusiasm from him.

But after a quick talk with Hubs promises of a bike ride after school he did pose.
The drop off wasn't pretty.

However, as a little side note...
Hubs and I had a great date day,
never went home...
great day,
great lunch,
kids were glad to see us when we picked them up!
Good day!

What, you ask...
Why would Ace pose for pics in trade of a bike ride?

We are proud to announce that Ace ditched the training wheels and is now an avid bike rider!
It took him all of 10 minutes.
Our now cooler evenings are now filled with bike rides...
and running for Bug.
It turns out...
she thinks her bike looks better with training wheels :)

We've also been trying to lay low and keep things simple.

The last one is blurry, but too cute not to remember.
Peace out!

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