Sunday, September 11, 2011


It's back to work I go.
Sadly, it's time.

Instead of crying...again,
stomping and screaming "BUT I DON'T WANNA!"
I've decided to focus on good things tonight.
Because it could be so much worse.

Tonight I feel blessed....
Blessed that Hubs allowed this little detour in life we call Carlos.
Blessed that I have a great job, doing something I love, with wonderful people.
Blessed that my job and benefits allowed me 12 weeks of paid maternity leave.
Blessed that I have a husband who I know, without a doubt, will take great care of my children tomorrow.
Blessed that Hubs is letting me tear up and ramble about heating breast milk and letting me know that if he needs to come to the hospital tomorrow, he will.
Blessed that my "big kids" are awesome!
Blessed that I got rock Carlos extra tonight and tell him how great he is.

Tomorrow morning is going to be so hard, but I'm going to do my best to run my blessings through my head.
I've had a great 12 weeks, even if they have gone by in a flash.
And if I'm lucky, tomorrow I'll get the chance to help another family start their new journey.
And yes, it still do cry with my new moms pretty frequently, tomorrow I'll prob. just cry a little more.

1 comment:

  1. Why am I crying while reading this?

    Anywho...we are so glad to have you back. It is great to see your face, hear your stories and eat Hubs cooking.