Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Big Move...Dogs and Lawns.

Not only have we aquired twice the amount of house, we also now have an acre...Hubs is very excited!  He loves working outside and, well, doing outside stuff.

One of the first big things on our agenda was getting "the girls" moved over with us.  (The "girls" are Jenna and Katy, our dogs.)  Hubs built them their very own yard over the weekend...
It's off to the side, plenty big, and has a big shed in it...which is, for now, a big dog house.  We're pretty sure that they like being country dogs, and Hubs lets them out to run and play when he's outside.  Surprisingly, the kids are loving it too!  With all the extra space, the girls have been very gentle with Bug and Ace, who in the past have only been able to talk to them through the window of their room (because they'd get trampled in the back yard).
Hubs, as excited as he was to have an acre, decided that our little push mower from the old place wasn't going to cut it at the new house...a problem when I'm trying not to think too much about having not sold our old house yet.  He had made arrangements to borrow his brothers riding lawn mower for the rest of the mowing season until we could buy our own after the old house is sold, but Granny Lin and Grumpy Phil, (my aunt and uncle who are honorary grandparents to Bug and Ace) surprised us by asking if we wanted a riding lawnmower that they weren't using anymore! 
I'm really not sure who is more excited, Hubs or Ace (who thinks it's his).
Since Granny Lin and Grumpy Phil are some of our favorite readers, we now send you a big, huge, public

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