Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who would have thought?

That my kids would get a kick out of cleaning?
Just a disclaimer....this didn't last the whole afternoon!
ACE and I started the day by droping Bug off at school and started cleaning.  Our new house has been vacant for a while, so it's in pretty good need of a good scrubbing. 
We focused on the kitchen and laundry room today.  This morning we scrubbed all of the cabinets and counters and swept the floor, then headed off to pick up Nana for our normal Tuesday lunch.  This afternoon we scrubbed baseboards, mopped the floors and washed windows.  I can already tell that the extra dirt from being out in the country is going to be a challenge...esp, for someone who hates cleaning as much as me...I'll have to work on that!
I wish I'd have remembered to take pictures of the kids washing the windows in their rooms! So funny.
I'm thinking that tomorrow will be moving part of the kitchen and cleaning bathrooms...ick!

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