Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Big Move...Packing up.

Well, we've officially lived in the new place for a whole's been a wild ride!  In an attempt to keep your eyes from bleeding from all of the pics, I'll break it up a little.

I have never really been responsible for a move of this magnitude, sure I moved to a dorm and out, we moved while I was in nursing school...but I've never had to move a whole house!  I also have a tendancy to stress out easy, and am a good procrastinator (a gift from my mother, whom I love, but is also responsibe for my sense of humor...which dad thinks is just flat inappropriate, but I am thankful for...have to take the bad with the good, I guess).  Sometimes when I'm stressed I bake...

This is the lovely peach pie that was created Sunday before we signed on the house (yes, to all of you doubters I did hand-make the crust...thank-you to Granmother, the master pie crust maker who taught me some of her pie crust secrets many years ago!) to keep me from a total melt down.  It was yummy, and thanks to my Small Group friends, it was gone in a jiffy!

Since we signed on Monday and couldn't get the carpets cleaned until Friday, I decided to tackle the kitchen move first.  This was a comical experience, and please know that I'm not afraid to laugh at myself, so please, don't feel bad for a laugh at my expense on this journey to the new house.
I started by packing up the stuff in the cabinets that we wouldn't be needing on a daily basis...
and yes mom, it didn't take me long to figure out that all I would need to get by was a few Dickies cups, some ceral bowls and spoons :)  For those who don't know, we eat out a LOT!  (whole diferent post on that coming soon)
So off I went!  The sad thing about our former eating out problem is that I have a lot of nice kitchen stuff!  I love Pampered Chef, the concept of whipping up nice meals for my family is pleasant and a dream...the reality, however, is that we didn't have central heat or air so cooking in the summer is a misery, my ipod dock quit playing my ipod a few months back (so I got bored), I'm good at making up excuses to be running errands at dinner time, and eating out is just so much easier (i.e. someone else does the cooking and dishes!)!
During the packing process I found this...
a rogue wedding gift from almost 7 years ago that had been lost in the very back corner of my cabinets...oops!  If you are looking at this present and offended because you gave it to me...please know I am very thankful...and now due to my new circumstances, am a recovering "eater outer" and will be soon removing the plastic and whipping up casseroles and dinner galore in these lovely dishes! :) 
Almost as embrassing as the unused wedding gift was the amount of expired stuff I found in my pantry.
Opps, I'm sorry to all of the blackeye peas that died in vein...I'm not sure why we didn't get to you in time, but promise to do better in the future!
It was a hard job, but now it's done! 
For all of you worried that I didn't have help...Hubs was at work this particular day of packing (and did his fair share of packing too, don't worry)...I did have the constant interruptions help from this cute, up-and-coming handy man...
Who was so sweet as to always move my keys and "yock up de doors" for me!
Sorry, he's not for hire!

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