Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

Alternately Titled:
A Boy and His Dog...

Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th!
We had a wonderful, busy weekend...
and, you guessed it, like the bad blogger I've been since vaca
I didn't touch my camera, not one time!

Saturday I packed up the kids and Libby after Hubs left for work (so sad, but we all have to return to work eventually) and headed out to my aunt's house on the lake 2 hrs away!
We had a great time visiting with family we don't see regularly and the kids enjoyed swimming in the lake with all of the cousins!

Today after church Hubs and the kids left me to nap a little before work and headed out to our friends house to swim in the pool and set off fireworks!
I got to hang out with everybody for about an hour and enjoyed visiting with Granny Lin.

Thanks to the camera on my phone I do have a picture trilogy that cracked me up so, of course I'll share!

First I have to back up just a smidge.
Ace is all boy.
He has two gears...full throttle and drop.
We've always cracked up about some of the places that he crashes when he can't go anymore :)
Second...Ace LOVES Libby (the new dog)
It is so funny to watch the two of them.
Often, we have to call ACE off to give Libby or "Wibby" a rest :)
Third, I don't know how, 
but I've become one of those crazy people who feel bad about leaving the dog home indefinitely.
While I'm pretty sure I'll never be like the "dog lady" back when I worked at the mall who pushed her dog through the mall in his own stroller while wearing his own Tommy Hillfiger sweatsuits, we have been bringing her along with us when we can to avoid leaving her pinned up in the crate.
And while I'm in the confessing mood...
we did take her to Lowe's in my purse.
My former self is gagging at me right now :)

So, all that to show you 3 pics...
First, Friday after softball

Second, 10 minus 2 seconds after I put the van into drive after spending the day at the lake...
headphones on, sucker still in mouth, dog asleep too.

after arriving home from the lake, our neighborhood was having a big 4th get together that involved tons of fireworks.  Ace has decided this year that he doesn't like fireworks and refused to sit out on the front porch with me and Bug to watch them.  In his defense they were pretty loud.  However, we compromised and I set him up with a movie and the dog and promised to check on him every 10 minutes.  Well, the second check I did I couldn't find him...I got a little worried.  The dog was sitting on the couch and Ace wouldn't answer when I called him.  I checked the bathroom and all the beds...but, after closer examination of the couch, I found Ace.
He had burrowed under the pile of clean towels in the bend of the couch, covered his head and fallen asleep.  I guess Libby was standing guard :)
So, these two are becoming quite the pair!

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