Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Some days are just funny.
Even if I am stressed or tired or busy.

So, I can't quit giggling about our day, I'm just going to share some highlights.
Bear in mind most occurred from the time I got up this afternoon until I came to work.

This morning, after picking up Bug and Ace from my mom's where they spent the night, I was talked into a drive through the donut shop window where I was given very specific orders.
Ace: 2 pigs in a blanket (not his usually 3) (and yes, he usually eats them all)
Bug: 1 cinnamon twist, 1 strawberry, 1 chocolate with sprinkles (usually just eats the frosting off the top)
About 10 minutes away from home, Bug removed her headphones.
In her most matter of fact, prim voice says:
"Excuse me mom, I've just eaten my chocolate sprinkle donut, and I SEEM to be a bit thirsty."
So sorry sister, nothing to drink here...we'll be home soon.

Woke up this afternoon to discover that Libby, our precious little dog who only chews on her toys and random socks, has chewed through the Dyson vacuum cord.
We've owned it all of 3 months.
Part of me wanted to get mad and accuse Hubs of being lazy and not rolling it up...
but the other part isn't so sure I wasn't the lazy one who vacuumed and left it out.
So sad.
Thankfully, the nice Dyson people have informed us that there is a repair shop about 30 min away, but that chewed cords are not covered in our warranty.

On the way to visit Nana today, who is recovering very well from her hip replacement surgery, one of our favorite babysitters calls me.
I had sent her a message earlier about babysitting Friday night so that Hubs and I can go on a date.
We REALLY need a date.
There is no alone time in the foreseeable future because of extra work shifts, normal work shifts, and the arrival of VBS and more work...
We REALLY need a date.
I am so excited because SHE CAN DO IT!!...
about the time that Hubs reminds me that
Sigh...I guess we'll schedule a date now for SEPTEMBER!

Went to the local spray park tonight with my friend from MO who is now visiting TX.
Made the kids a lovely picnic supper with PB&J, carrot sticks, cucumber salad, cherries, water and cookies.
They ate a ton...sorry Hubs for the cherry induced bowel issues they are sure to experience all day tomorrow.
After running an errand after the spray park, Bug asks when I'm going to feed her supper.
I explain that we had a lovely picnic at the park and she ate quite a lot.
She says she wants a real supper...so much for a semi healthy dinner.

So, we're in the Chick-fil-a drive through...you know, for real supper.
Bug decides she wants a "special drink" like daddy gets at Chick-fil-a.
Hubs informs me this means she wants a cookies-n-cream milkshake...now, of course, he and Ace are going to need one too.
I pass on the offer, because I've been around the block a time or two.
Two kids are NOT going to drink 2 whole milkshakes, and those suckers aren't cheap.
Sure enough, Ace hands me his after drinking less than 1/4.
I specifically ask him if he is done...yes, he's done.
So I do what any resource conscious good mother would do...finish it.

In the tub a little later.
I hear Hubs talking to a sniffling child.
In they come.
I love privacy!
Hubs tells him to let me know what's going on.
(sniffling, bottom lip quivering)
You drank all my drink.
You said you were finished and it would have gotten yucky.
(in a rising, crying voice)
I just want my drink...that was so WUDE (rude).
So sorry honey.
Go drink the rest of your sisters...oh, but wait...she actually drank the whole stinkin thing!

I love my family.
I am so glad they can give me such a good laugh.
Even on days when it seems nothing you do is right!

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