Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bad Blogger...

I'm behind again...
big surprise.
We've been finishing up summer with a bang.
I can hardly believe that school starts in less than 2 weeks!

So, anywhoo.
As I told my uncle,
I haven't not been blogging for lack of material.

The kids and I took a little jog up to Missouri several weeks ago to visit one of my oldest friends and her 3 kids.  We had a good visit, and the kids played well together and J and I were able to visit.
I got a lot of quality time with the baby too, just to free up her mommy to spend time with her bigger kids and do some packing.

Here's a few of the pics I caught while there.
Unfortunately my camera batteries went out at the pool we visited, so most pics are from my phone.

The big girls!

Precious girl...Just want to eat-her-up!!
She was so sweet!

And heaven help my heart...

There is nothing quite like soft, tiny, grabbing baby toes!

And, just in case you've never seen trouble,
brace yourself...
There you have it!
5 kids in the back of a minivan...
guaranteed, 1 person minimum will be crying at all times.

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