Monday, August 23, 2010


Alternately titled...
I Am Really Tired
(but everybody's asleep at 8:15!)

So, today is day 2 of Sweet Girl's stay.

How can you not love a day that started like this...
All smiles!

Today was a big day for Bug.
1st day of 1st grade!!
She got up pretty easily this morning, at her cheerios, and donned her twinkle toes...
She was super excited.
Ace, Sweet Girl and I walked her in to school and dropped her off at her class.
and in she went...
I'm including this picture for myself.
Because I'd like to remember the experience like this:
she stopped at the door,
hugger her mommy and brother,
put up her backpack,
walked to her desk,
turned, and waved goodbye.

In reality:
She walked in and never looked back.
No wave, no bye mom...

So we headed home.
I'm excited to report that I did get to shower!
I know that you probably don't think that's an accomplishment worth mentioning, but I was proud.
(I don't think I've mentioned that Hubs was at work today.)
Next up was lunch with BFF!
(Who weirdly enough is also Sweet Girls aunt...strange, yes, but I'm not going to go into that right now)
We ended up hanging out at Cheddar's for over an hour just visiting and sharing 1st day of school stories...we might or might not have indulged in the cookie monster :)
I don't think Sweet Girl will tell!

I'll also mention here that Sweet Girl's mommy...she's a good packer.
I didn't full know this until I unpacked her bag last night and looked through our outfit options.
Every outfit was folded together,
and attached to every top was a coordinating bow!

Now, anybody who knows BFF knows that she is a shopper.
That girl can sniff a sale from a mile away!
So we headed to a shop nearby where we found 40% off the clearance price!!
We found Gram some sandals for cheap, and Bug some super cute dresses and tops.
Sweet Girl found a new friend while waiting on BFF at the dressing rooms...

So sweet!

Here's a little Where's Waldo Ace puzzle...
He's there, I promise!

Next stop was Gram's work.
Gram gave her a sucker...
That's what Gram's are handy for after all!
She was serious about that sucker!
Don't worry, though, mommy.
She dropped it on the floor right after that pic and we threw it away.
No cavities here :)

I left off pics of our next activity.
We picked up Bug at school.
I've now officially heard that today was the hottest day of the summer...
a roasting 106!
After parking, walking to the school and then back to the car we were all a sweaty mess!
I won't be sad if we never see 106 again.
Geez Texas...stop!!
We get that summer is hot.
Let's have some fall already!

I'll also veer off course for a minute to share a handy lesson I learned today...
after arriving home we were a little late for Sweet Girl's bottle.
She was letting me know about this problem.
So, I was in a hurry, we were hot, and I had (what I thought was) a brilliant brain storm.
I tried to give her the equivalent of a breast milk slushy.
(the milk was frozen when I started and wasn't thawing out quick enough for the thirsty party)
For the was not a hit.
Sweet Girl likes her milk warm, not slushy.

So, since this is officially the longest most rambling post ever, we'll rush through the rest.
We ate dinner...I thought Sweet Girl was going to fall asleep on the table eating Cheerios.
BTW mommy, chicken and noodle dinner...
may as well being feeding her poo...or poison.
Didn't go over well at all.
Wish I had a video of that face and pseudo gagging episode...DRAMA!!
Next was bath time.
with our handy, ever present helper, of course...
He's loving Sweet Girl's being here!
I don't think she's quite as enthusiastic about him, but she's tolerating him :)
wiggling wardrobe change
and some wild wet hair!

After baths we had a date to iChat with Aunt Bec and K.
While we were waiting we Photoboothed a few pics for fun.

Sweet Girl played it up really good for Aunt Bec and K and loved to try to push all of the buttons!
Bedtime soon followed.
After wrestling with her for about 5 min I decided to do something hideous...
(i laid her down in her bed before she went to sleep)
I felt awful for the whole 2 cries she let out...
before she was sound asleep :)
Little goofball!
Here I am, raised 2 kids of my own, and I thought you had to rock and rock and rock to sleep.

Ok, sorry for all the rambling!
Mommy...we're having a good time!
Hope you and JJ are having a GREAT TIME!!
Stay tuned for tomorrow!!!


  1. I love all the pictures!! And...we loved the iChatting...miss you guys!!!

  2. thanks for the update and pics! love it! cant wait for todays update...
    jj and c