Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Dear Mommy and Daddy,
Sweet Girl here!  I decided after Aunt M got a little wordy yesterday, I'd give you my highlights today.  Who would have thought she could use so many words and pics in one post??

This morning I woke up early and in a good mood!  I had my milk before we took Bug to school.
Uncle B came home this morning, and I was really glad to see him.  We hung out on the couch while the Aunt M washed dishes and bottles...we were having fun until he did something really mean.
The one I was saving to show you.
Don't worry, though, I gave him a piece of my mind.
Aunt M decided after what she called a "dramatic episode" that maybe I'd benefit from a quick nap before we picked up my Nana for lunch...she was right!  I felt MUCH better.

Here I am hanging at Cici's...
I acted really cute and showed her my best "patty cake"
I also chewed on a little crust!
Uncle B watched me really close and made sure I wasn't biting it off!
Aunt M rode in the back of the van with me...
I smiled a lot!
I took another nap while the guys picked Bug up from school!
My Granmother called to check on me...
so we decided to go on over and spread around some of my cuteness.

That Granmother cracks me up.
She took me right away from my Aunt and whisked me off crying to the kitchen...
here's a little secret about Granmother's house,
promise you won't tell...
if you cry, Granmother will give you graham crackers!
Works every time!!
I like Granmother...and graham crackers!
We had fun, I played with the pretty necklaces and watched Ace and Pop play catch with the bouncy ball!  Ace throws really good!

Our last stop was to a place my Aunt called the hometown of some guy name Gene Autry.
Never heard of him, but I heard he was famous.
I ate my green beans and rice all up...
They were eating something called "breakfast for supper"
I learned I like scrambled eggs too!
My Aunt says I made a mess so good it reminded of her of when Ace used to sit in that chair!

Here's a shot of me outside with my Uncle!
He loves me a lot!

Well, that's my day Mommy and Daddy!
Another fun day.
Love you and will see you soon!
My aunt says tomorrow is our half way home day.
Have lots of fun!

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