Sunday, August 22, 2010


We have a visitor this week.
She's cute,
smells good,
and we've got her on loan!!

Sweet Girl is here!
Her mommy is missing her in "Old Mexico"
(Bug's not to be confused with New Mexico)

So, you guys will have to bear with me...her mommy's got to know what we've been up to.
So, I'll be honoring subjecting everybody to the Daily Sweet Girl Update!!

First, I have to hope there's some sense of humors out there, because I can't help but share this first.
I woke up this am to this txt from Sweet Girl's mommy.

It said
"We are gonna have to get her on suicide watch I guess"
I couldn't quit laughing!
Her mommy took this pic the night before they left at Gram's house.
She had already mentioned that Sweet Girl was fussy and acting like she knew she was going to get left behind soon.
And don't's a toy!

So, JJ and Aunt C dropped her off and we went to church while Hubs dropped them off at the airport.
We had a good service, and Aunt Amy in the nursery made sure she had a little nap.
After we headed to our favorite after church place...Dickey's.
And you can't go to Dickey's without...

She loves her ice cream!

Since school starts tomorrow, our next stop is Sam's.
We had to stock up on school lunch stuff.
I'm kicking myself right now...
there was the cutest photo op while there.
It was milk time and Bug crawled up in the buggy with Sweet Girl and held her bottle up for her. phone was in my bag, behind bug...dern.
Never fear though.  I'll do better tomorrow.

Next was Kroger.
We were out of milk and PB.
Anybody who knows Bug knows that you can't go without milk.
Once again, I'll have to hope all of you have a sense of humor.
When checking out at Kroger I had Sweet Girl and Bug, a cart full of milk, yogurt, a loaf of bread and several other miscellaneous items.
One of the ladies who works there saw that I had my hands full (I was carrying Sweet Girl because her feelings got hurt) and decided to help me unload my cart for the checker...
she picked up my bread and very nicely told me that I needed to pick a different bread because WIC doesn't buy the kind I had chosen.
I very nicely told her that I was buying my own groceries today.
Then couldn't help but worry I looked a little tired or should have picked a different outfit for church.

Once we finally got home I realized that I was going to have a WHOLE lot of help...

I was wondering if there would be any jealousy or problems.
My kids are just as over the moon for this girl as I am!
We have run into a mild jealousy issue, but not from ACE...

but from Libby.
She's being gentle and quiet,
but every time I'm holding Sweet Girl, she's right there with me :)

So, we've had a good day.
It's been fun having a little one around!

And one parting shot...

She's tucked in for the night sleeping like an Angel!


  1. wouldnt let me comment earlier. we have the internet but it is SLOW! thanks for the updates. it def helps. if you are gonna blog at night you dont have to text cause ive been leaving my phone in the safe anyways. THANKS for taking care of my sweet girl!
    jj and c

  2. OH MY! I think I may have just ovulated. Those eyes! Those eyelashes! That hair! Can she come to my house for a week?