Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Alternately titled:
Sad Wednesday

Well, we knew it was coming...had to give up Sweet Girl today so she could go spend some time with her Granny.
While I'm sure I'm going to finally finish laundry tomorrow and maybe clean the bathrooms, I'm going to miss those sweet cheeks and smiles and snuggle sessions.

We did have a fun day though.
Hubs needed some new work boots, so we headed off and had lunch at Kuby's!
We left her in her car seat for lunch because it's a really small restaurant, and the high chair would have put her in a high traffic area.
This is the face I got when she got tired of her banana's...
Hubs hates bananas and thought the face was appropriate.
Maybe someday we'll feed him bananas and see if he makes a face like that!
I tried to get her to make it on video, but didn't succeed.

When we got home the weather was beautiful.
(The highest temp today was 80!!)
So we had some fun outside.
She thought it was fun to bounce her knees...
but was a little wary when Ace joined in.
I thought these pictures were cute...
this is before we picked up Bug!
Such a sweet helpful boy!!

The sad part came when I picked up Bug.
My kids are funny about planning.
Every day when they wake up, they ask
"What are we doing today?"
So, when Bug got in the car after school and asked that question she was VERY disappointed to know that when we got home we were loading up Sweet Girl to go to her Granny's house.
She cried.

Here's a pic I snapped when we put Sweet Girl in the car...
While I tell myself that she's crying because she's so sad to leave us,
I'm pretty sure she was just mad because she had been having fun playing in the living room when I put her back in her seat.

So, tonight it's a little quieter,
there's nobody to give a bottle,
no pack n play in my bedroom,
I put her little picnic toy back in the toy room.

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