Thursday, July 8, 2010

Taking Chances...

Bug and I both had an itch for ice cream after dinner tonight.
When the boys didn't want to come along, we made it a "girl date" and headed out.

On the way there Bug wanted to know all of the details involved in a banana split.
So, I enlightened her on all of the miraculous goodness involving 3 different flavors of ice cream and all the yummy toppings involved in a dessert sent down from heaven.
Any good mother would have done the same :)

The down side to this new interest is obvious to those who have met Bug IRL...
she's picky and stubborn and barely nibbles on food that she's familiar with and knows she likes.
Also, if you've seen me lately, you know that the last thing I need is a whole banana split that Bug won't eat with me...I'm not afraid to be real here, it's the truth.
But what fun is it not to branch out a little every now and then and take chances??
Well, we would have missed out on this...

She LOVED it!
and ate about 2/3's herself...
I couldn't help but laugh!
Now, though she'll have to learn some sharing etiquette.
at one point she turned the dish around to start in on my 1/2 of the strawberry, and the bowl inched slowly from the middle of the table towards her until she had complete possession!

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