Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh the joys...

I wanted to title this post
A Tale of 2 Vomits
However, I felt it might be a little TMI for a title.

Today's story wasn't quite as funny until I remembered that my original story happened when Hubs and I vacationed in Branson, MO a couple of years ago before visiting our good friends who live near Kansas City.  Well, today the kids and I were on our way home from visiting the same friends.

So, if you're queasy stop reading now and come back tomorrow when I post cute pics and nice stories of our quick visit!

I'll start with the funny story from 2 years ago...I'm feeling a bit nostalgic!
And had actually forgotten about this until a couple of months ago one of my co-workers reminded me of the original story I had emailed her!

So, Hubs and I took Bug and Ace on vacation to Branson in the fall about 2 yrs ago.  Bug was 4 and Ace was 2.  After a few days there we headed to our friends house.
Ace has always been known for his eating and used to be a horrible vomitter.
It was almost comical (in a sick nurse/mother kind of way) that he would eat anything and so fast he would not chew well can guess what happened.
So, we had driven to Branson all day, were tired and hungry, and after checking into our hotel, went to the buffet next door for dinner.
It was amazing food!
Totally worth, at the time, the obscene price we paid to eat there.
One of our favorite parts of the buffet was the fried shrimp! 
The kids were eating it up too...after we had pulled the tails off.
When we were seated, I was thankful to look around and see that our booth was in a mostly empty area of the restaurant.  Let's face it...anyone who's traveled with kids knows that your behavior expectations can't be too high after a day of car travel.
They weren't being bad, but were slightly restless, and it had the potential to get ugly.
It wasn't long before a couple with older children were seated in the booth behind us...
the mom rubbed me the wrong way when she demanded that they wipe down the whole booth before she would sit down because it looked dirty.
Turned out Ace had dropped his spoon on their booth (it was clean).
So now I'm irritated with snooty lady.
It was just a clean spoon!
(sometimes I'm a little irrational when I'm tired:)
we were doing OK until Hubs got up for dessert.
Ace, with lightening quick speed, grabbed a shrimp tail off of the discard plate...
scarfed it, choked, and started vomiting.
I'm embarrassed to say that this was such a normal experience at the dinner table during that particular season of our lives, that I was just calm as can be, catching what I could in my hands, transferring it to a plate, trying to be discreet and trying to sooth Bug who has always had a tendency to freak out and start gagging when Ace pukes. 
(God was laughing at me the day I got this combo!)
So, Hubs shows up, swoops Bug away, and I'm left to clean up Ace and apologize to the wait staff and help clean up the gore...
then, when I thought he was done, crazy boy turns his head and vomits over the side of the booth,
straight into snooty lady's purse!!
I apologised, giggled a little inside and we were out of there pretty quick after that.
On our way out of the bathroom I noticed that the lady and her family were then moved to a clean booth well away from where the had been.
I'm sick enough to giggle still when I remember that I was kind of proud of Ace!

So, today...
The kids and I are on our way home.
We left our friend's house pretty quickly this morning when her little boy woke up sick.
My kids said they felt fine, and we were ready to get home and see Hubs and Libby.
Ace was not a happy traveler.
We pulled over to a pizza place that had a play area.
My plans were to eat and let them run off some energy before finishing our journey.
We got out of the car, placed our drink order, and headed to the bathroom.
NOBODY mentioned they were feeling bad...
We walk back to our table and Ace suddenly stops and yells
Bug freaks already mentioned she's mortally afraid...doesn't even like deep coughs.
I'm thinking geez, here we go again.
Except his little shaky hands dart up...and with lighting fast anti-vomit reflexes I was surprised were still there after so long...I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pull it up just in time to catch everything until we could get back to the bathroom.
I'm alone with 2 kids in an unfamiliar town in OK 4 hrs from home.
I've just abandoned one in the booth and have the other dangling over a toilet.
Hubs doesn't answer his phone.
What do I do.
Thankfully Ace was OK after the one incident.
Even funnier (you know, if you're sick like me)
he was mad when I took away his Dr. Pepper and pizza and told him he could only have water!
After some arguing and tears and insistence on his part that he was OK 
he ate 2 pieces of pizza, 2 bread sticks and drank some water...
we crossed our fingers, settled back in the van with dirty clothes and a big Dickey's cup on standby "just in case" and made it home OK!

And there you have it!
Have a great day.

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