Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Been A Week...

So, we had a first in our family last week.
Until Mr. Carlos came along, the worst we'd been through was some ear infections and allergies (the seasonal kind), and I've always been quite humbled and thankful for that.

Carlos needed some minor day surgery for a little problem that was noticed after he was born.
 (Just a little side note, even minor surgery is MAJOR surgery to a mommy.)
So, I'm not going into details...
and mostly just jotting all this down
1.)because I've got some really cute pictures
2.)Hubs is watching what we are hoping will be the last game of the World Series, and when I watched the game Saturday, the Rangers lost big time.
(and I haven't really gotten over the whole rain delay debacle of last week)
and I've already read the news and stalked my blogs.
(another little side the middle of the page...Hubs is so wound up about the game tonight that he's cracking me up...he's like Ace excited on steroids and sporting brown hair!  I have so much to look forward to!!)

OK, back on track.
We farmed out the big kids, got up early, and were off on the dreaded adventure.

We've learned a lot of new things about pediatric surgery.
1. Children's Hospital is very good at what they do.
2. They make hospital gowns really small...
and they still involve mooning everyone around you :)
 3. 4 month old little boys have NO CLUE what hospital gowns and beds mean :(
In true Carlos fashion, he woke up a happy and talking!
He even flirted with the nurses and showed of all of his kicking skills!

The parts I dreaded most were handing him over, and the time after surgery when we weren't going to be with him...
Oh, how my prayers were answered.
Hubs was able to snuggle him to sleep before the Anesthesiologist arrived, and was able to hand him off to the circulating nurse, who snuggled him up and carried him back to the OR sound asleep.
After waiting, for what seemed like forever, and talking to the Dr., we were taken back to Post-op and he was brought back to us still even bigger blessing when we heard other kids coming out screaming.

He actually, despite our best efforts, slept for about an hour after we got him back.
We couldn't go home until he was awake enough to eat and not get sick.
Thankfully, we have a professional sleepy nurser :)

Here he is after getting everything disconnected...
 Still sporting the sleepy eyes.

I'd like to report that recovery was a breeze,
but it was no fun.
I will, happily, report that he did, finally, get his very own Rangers shirt as a consolation prize!
He loves the Rangers!

So, while I don't ever want to have to go through something like this again, my heart has been reminded over and over again that we could have it so much worse.
Ace and I took him for his first Post Op visit this afternoon...
 and are happy to report that all is well!!
Go Rangers!

Oh, and one more pic, just for Gram...
who love her baby feet!

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