Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Well, to end this day, I thought I'd jot down...for all of posterity, of course how my day proceeded to get worse.

First, I forgot to mention dear Libby (our dog) puking in my car on the way to the groomer.
Note to self:
Self...If Libby is ever not crazy in the car, 
not trying 100 times to get in your lap, 
drink your beverage...
if she's just sitting at you, staring at you funny...

Second, my dear BIL offered up the use of his old iPhone until I can procure a more permanent alternative.
He, via Hubs, sent me over to his house with specific alarm-bypassing-instructions, and specifics of phone location in the office.
I called Hubs on our home phone to double check my memory of the pass code to the alarm (information I would normally store IN MY PHONE, but oh...wait! IT'S DEAD!
He doesn't answer.
I toss around in my brain waiting until said BIL is home.
I have no idea when that will be.
I go to his house.
Open the garage door with my handy presets in the car.
Open the back door,
punch in the code...
Note to self...
Self: if you're 1 number off, it won't work.

I will say now that I'm thankful that BIL still has a land line.
One problem...Hubs still won't answer his phone.
It's the only phone number I know in my brain.
(because, once again, everyone's number is IN MY PHONE, THAT IS DEAD!)

Alarm is going off,
kids are freaked out in the car,
I have 3 phones in my hand. 2 don't work. 1 that only works if you know what number to dial.
I'm now officially waiting on the cops to show up and haul me away.

Thankfully, I played with the land line and figured out, by the grace of God, there were preset numbers stored in the phone.
Called FIL, who called BIL, who called me on his own house phone, 
alarm disarmed.
I will now never for get the alarm code to BIL's house.
I will also NEVER try to enter said house again unless it's owners are home.
i hope.

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