Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moving Right Along...

So, I'm not much of one to rant on the blog-o-sphere.
It's been bugging that I left last week on such a frustrated note.

So, I'm back to let everyone know all is well now.
Not that there haven't been other challenges this past week, but that I got over it.
All is well...mostly.

While ranting on and on and on, I just barely glazed over a very significant event in our family...
Ace is 5 years old!!
I can hardly believe that it I've had my "joy boy" for that long!
Love, love, love the kid.
So, instead of searching the photo archives and getting all sentimental, I'll give you a list of the funniest things Ace has said this week.
And, I use the term "said" loosely...
These are things that Ace has yelled loudly in his deep, burly, "outside" voice.
1.) for previous mentioned bday lunch he wanted "free" tacos and curly fries
2.) at our old faithful Sunday lunch locale he ran in to grab a table and yells back at me "I'll just have my usinal mom!
Usinal...as in 1 letter off of urinal...and pronounced just the same.
3.) on his bday morning he busted out crying in the car..."what's wrong?" I ask...
(in a babbling, snotty, snorty run on sentence) "everybody tells me when I'm 5 I got to go to Bug's school...and mommy YOU DID NOT DRESS ME RIGHT FOR SCHOOL TODAY!!"
He eventually calmed down when I explained that he got to finish Wee School first.
4.) after attending the Ranger game, he ran in to tell me all about it...
5.) on our way to Academy Saturday night, after the Rangers won the ALCS, Ace could not quit talking about how excited he was that our Rangers are headed to the "World Serious"!

And for those of you who still need a little sentimental walk down picture memory lane...
visit this post.

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  1. Olay, you redemed youurself by linking to last years post because I was about to pitch a major fit about including pictures. I have waited all week for his picture progression. I guess this will have to do.
    Oh, and one more cute quote form the week....at Logan's for Uncle J-rod's b'day dinner he asked Rylan "Can you believe that I'm 5!" Yes, ACE it's hard to believe, but it is true. Grammy loves her #2 Sweety Boy