Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Where do I start??
Ever have one of those weeks where you just...
you just want to throw up your arms and scream REALLY?!?!

So, it all started with rain.
We've needed it BAD.
If you're not from around these parts,
Google the national drought map...
the whole state is covered in deep dark red.
My yard has cracks Hubs can stick his whole foot in.
My back porch looks like it's floating.
Everything is brown...
we really need some rain.

So, then there's the Rangers.
my former favorite MLB team
Ahem...the team we love and support.
You might have heard that they're marching their way through the playoffs.
May even return to the World Series.
You might even remember this post in which the Ranger's had a big impact on our family.

OK. So even though Hubs got a new TV, he's always wished he could have been at one of the playoff games.  He LOVES the Rangers.
Insert the most wonderful wife in the world...
We bought playoff tickets.
Not great ones, but we even got 4, so the whole family could have some fun.
We've been cutting corners and saving all week.

What's the point of all of this, you may ask??
Well, Saturday it started raining.
Good rain.
Not just some sprinkles...
The Saturday playoff game has several rain delays, but Rangers won.
We start getting a little nervous...supposed to rain Sunday too.
Sunday morning we watch the radar.
We go to church,
we eat a quick lunch,
we go treat the kids to new Josh Hamilton shirts and hats,
we head home to change and leave...
Hubs wants to watch batting practice and let the kids try to get a ball.
Halfway home, 

NO, big, I say...
I'll find somebody to work for me.
(Hubs had the day off and the kids didn't have school)
But, NOOO.
The Rangers moved their game to a day that everybody in our area, evidently, wanted to have a c-section.

I wish I could put here that I took this all well,
that I didn't act a little like a brat...
but, dang it, I really wanted to go to the game.
I was too big and pregnant to go in the spring,
and it's been too hot to take a newborn until recently.
Games are fun.
It's the playoffs!

I took a step back and remembered the guy at WOF this year that talked about how we don't have control over what happens to us, but we do have control of how we respond.
Failed that BIG TIME!

Now, if all of that wasn't enough, work was super busy...and long.
I got many txts and pics of all the ballpark fun.
The game went into extra innings.
As I finally get in my car and turn the radio on, headed out to get real food for dinner, Nelson Cruz goes and hits a walk-off-grand-slam-home-run.
The crowd goes wild.

(Not bitter at all here, people!)

So, in a nutshell, yesterday SUCKED.

Today, a new day, ACE's 5th bday, the day I took off to spend with him, 
it just gets better.
 Took Ace to Jack in the Box for lunch.
All he wanted in the world for lunch was 3 tacos and curly fries.
I decide to take a pic and send it to Hubs.
It's no Rangers game to rub in his face, but the curly fries were good!
But wait! Where's my phone?
Not in my bag, not in the car seat, not in the car.

I am very sad to report that my iPhone is dead.
Found on the side of the country road right by my house.
Cute pink case with tire treads on it.
I'm afraid to even ask what's next.

Never mind...
the writing of this post was just interrupted to assist ACE with a personal bathroom issue...
as I walked in, he has the metal part of the TP holder in his hand.
it fell off the cabinet, I'm sure by accident.

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sister :-(
    This is terrible.
    And to top it all off your bum sis hasn't been answering her phone because she lost it.

    Just remember, I'm coming into town this weekend and if I can manage to not make it worse I'll surely make it better!!!!