Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy family...

The kids were at the table tonight with gourmet grilled cheese and homemade Dora soup ;) as I gathered up my hugs and bye kisses, grabed my bags, and headed for the door when Ace blurted out...
"Why you not stay home with you happy fambily?!?"

While I was pretty sure the dynamics of utility bills, mortgages, impending Christmas, etc would be a little in depth for a 3 yr old, I came up with the more understandable/realistic answer...which, of course, is what makes working full time doable for me on the days it's tough to leave the house...

"Because all those new mommies need someone to help them with their new babies!"
His response..."OK, YUB YOU! Bye!"

Very glad to have a job I love, and an understanding family tonight!

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