Thursday, October 1, 2009

Seven Years...

Alternately titled...
The Day The Kindle Died

I was going to write a super cute post about how much I love Hubs and how great the last 7 years of marriage has been(our aniversary was 9-28)...and they have been great, I love the guy, glad he married me, and is still willing to put up with me and my quirks and goofs...

Like this one...I killed my beloved Kindle.

The one that my loving, dedicated husband of 7 years presented to me to shut me up because he loves me, and wanted me to have the best bday ever this year.  He's even been patiently putting up with the fact that I've read around 20 books since July 24th (an interesting fact I didn't realize until I was tinkering with my Amazon account trying to figure out my warranty info).

There were tears involved, followed by a frantic call to the warranty company.  But, in my own defense, I did have it in it's case...when it fell face first on the back porch.

Thankfully my new Kindle will arrived on my doorstep Wednesday, but it worries me that I'm using my 1 OOPS replacement 1.5 months after purchasing the warranty.

Yes, sometimes I even amaze myself with my ability to do stupid things with little to no effort at all.  A rare talent, I'm sure a few of you have caught on to.

Anywhoo, Happy Anniversary Hubs...I look forward to the next 7 years!
(and promise to do my best not to break the new Kindle...very, very sorry honey...thankyou for loving me anyways)

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