Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our Big Chicken Is Getting Brave!

It is no secret to those who know us that Bug can be...

Prone to Panic...

In short, A Big Chicken!

Well, as I have mentioned before, with a big thanks from VBS teaching us to "Fear Not" mixed in with a little Kindergarten, she is improving on her Chicken status!

Here she is with a real live bear! Note, no panic, shaking, screaming!

And here, she's advanced to being just a stick away from a wild bird! I'm pretty sure she looks as shocked as we do!

And the grand finale...

Prepare yourselves...

Yes, be as shocked as we were, that's Bug holding a real-live, dirt covered, wiggling wild worm!
(Sorry for the fuzziness, but we work hard everyday to teach Gram how to work her fancy digital camera, we're super proud she can turn it on!) (You know we love you Gram!)

She ran in with the beast and pronounced to me and Gram..."Look how brave I am! I caught a wiggle worm!" followed by "Lets hurry and take him to our house!"

I am so proud! (and glad she didn't ask me to hold it for her :)

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