Friday, October 23, 2009

Zoo day!

Bug had the day off of school Monday. The calendar said "Fair Day", but, the Fair ended on Sunday...hmm. So, we decided to declare the random day off "Fun, Family Day" instead!

The kids and I got up and met Hubs at the Fire station and headed off for a day of family fun and adventures! Starting with a trip to Cabelas to feed the trout! They have the biggest trout you can imagine in the pools there, and the kids always enjoy feeding them...and if there mother was a better blogger, she would insert picture proof of the large fish feeding...but, alas, she was off to the side blowing her nose, coughing, and trying to unclog her ear for the 100th time...sorry kids.

Then it was off to the zoo...

The kids did great! I was one proud mama!

The added excitement was we had no whining, crying, strollers, waggons, or...diaper bags to deal with!
Check it out!

Yes, as a matter of fact, those are batman "unnerwears" sticking out the top of big boy pants...not pullups!!!
I hesitate to say too much, but I feel like we're turning a potty training corner!

After our fun at the zoo, Hubs let us have a short nap on the way to Bass Pro Shop, where we finally tracked down the right patterned camo bib thingies he'd been looking for...on sale! Now if only we'd have been so lucky on the new pair of boots Ace has been asking for since he got bday $$ our day would have been super complete!

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