Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me Monday...

Hello all, I've decided to purge myself of some goofball stuff by being brutally honest with Mckmama this morning, hope you enjoy!

I totally did not wrap up my industrious day yesterday by whining about it on my blog for all to see, not me.  Deep inside I love cleaning, and would never ever let dust build up on my ceiling fans and beautiful blinds, I'm just way too on top of things for that to happen.

I am also not blogging right now instead of continuing in my quest to thoroughly clean this place up...I don't ever waste time, and I never procrastinate...Not ME.

My son is not currently on his second glass of Dr. Pepper this morning.  I would never think to myself that the sooner he finishes drinking the last 1/4th of the 2 liter he'll quit asking for more...whew...does that make me a bad mom...wait, don't answer that (and don't call the kids dentist and report me either) :)

And finally, I totally did not waste use a perfectly good PTO day for Thursday this week to avoid middle of the night texts at work from all my Twilight buddies who will be at the premier about how awesome the movie is.  Since I'm such a mature mother of 2 and didn't get wrapped up in the Twimania, I never would have purchased my tickets for the midnight premier 2 months ago just in case I could get the night off.  Nope, I'm saving up all my PTO time for my sister's wedding in June and our vaca.

Ok, that's it...have a good Monday everybody!  I'm sure glad I didn't do any of these things, by the way...enjoy a week of your own Not Me's!

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  1. Aw! I'm jealous! I didn't get New Moon tickets because I didn't want to deal with the crowd. lol I loved your Not Me's!