Thursday, June 17, 2010


I've started several blog post since returning, but none of them seemed post worthy.
Nobody wants to check in here and hear me whine about how we're hot or worn out from having so much fun on vaca :)
So, we've had a bunch going on .

I'll start with just a few pics of our last days of vaca.
On Saturday when we left Colorado it was 42 degrees and raining.
Yes, 42.
Hubs and the kids dropped me off at the Annual Wool Market.
I wasn't sure what to expect.
I mean, I figured it had to do with yarn and knitting
but why not call it a yarn market...
I sure didn't expect this.
A lot of the wool at this market was still on the animal...
and this, my friends
is an awful picture of a pen of Yaks...
yes, I didn't know until Saturday, but you can buy yarn made out of Yaks,
even Buffalo!

There were also people at this market spinning their own yarn,
and others buying trash bags full of "shorn??" wool to spin yarn.

Just a little note to my friends out there...
at the first inkling of me deciding I need to spin my own yarn
Have Hubs commit me or something.
I don't need any more quirky hobby's at this stage in my life!
Thanks in kind of looked fun.

Anywhoo I did pick up this super cool bag...
Which after I quit giggling, I realized I couldn't live without!
Because what I need in my life is another bag!!

so we left Colorado and the next day we lunched at the Big Texan in Amarillo.
We were serenaded by a singing cowboy and took a few pics.
Remember how I said that Sat morning it was 42 degrees?
Well, Sunday morning it was 92...
yesterday, our thermometer hit 100...ick!!

Here's a few pics the kids posed for.

Well, there you have it.
Since we've returned home things have kind of been blah.
We had a funeral on Monday for one of our church deacons who has been battling Alzheimer's for probably 10 yrs, and I would have to say it probably was one of the best services I've been to.
An absolute celebration of a great man gone home to be whole with the Lord.

Things perked up yesterday, however...
We added a new family member to our household.
No, not the kind people have been bugging us about.
Meet Libby.
She's our new "pet indoors" that Bug has been bugging us about for so long:)
We decided several months ago that we would wait until after vaca to find a new pet...
needless to say we love her already!
(there were a few minutes last night Hubs and I laughed hysterically at how stupid crazy we were for doing this...but the problem was soon resolved...Libby is now sharing a room at night with my whirlpool besties!  Don't worry, it's full air conditioned, far a way from where anybody else is trying to sleep, and she loves it!)
We think she's settling in pretty well too!
Ace decided to share this pillow seat with her :)

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