Monday, June 7, 2010

Wildlife for Grammy...

It's no secret that we love our Gram...well, Grandpa too for that matter.
Bug and Ace were very sad when they couldn't make the trip with us.

Now, Gram, I bet your wishing you were here with us...
you see, Gram, for the last 12+ years we've ventured to RMNP, has been on the lookout for the elusive 
Big Horned Sheep

No matter how hard she tries...she's either too early or too late.
The only time she's seen them, she was so frustrated that Nana insisted (over and over) that she saw those "ram horns" first that she wasn't able to full appreciate the experience :)

So, what did we come across tonight  on our first venture into the park??

You got it!
Look Gram...the Ram Horns :)

In other interesting news, we are excited that a lot of elk are still down in the lower areas...

We saw this big group in a meadow right inside the entrance
then went on to see some really big bucks later...when my camera batteries died :(

Then, something we've never seen here before literally ran right in front of the car...

a badger
Sorry for the behind view...that thing was fast!

Here he is after I blew him up in iphoto.
Whew...I have forgotten how beautiful it is here!

Hope you enjoy your picture Gram...missin ya big time!

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