Saturday, June 12, 2010

Out With a Bang...

Today was our last full day here...
very sad.
So, we decided to pack in as much fun as possible.
We visited and hiked around 2 of our favorite lakes here and had a blast.
It's late, and we're leaving for Denver in the morning to lunch with some family, so I'll just throw out a few of our favorite moments of the day!

(no his mommy did not hit him in the head with a snowball...that would be mean)

We're a little Ace heavy today, but he really hammed it up for the camera today.
On any other day, if you want him to go bashful in a second, either pull out a camera or make a comment about his red hair in public.

And lastly, Hubs made the mistake of mentioning that he ran across a yarn store in town...
unfortunately, for him, I've been pulled out of my recent knitting hiatus :)
How cute is that bag??
So, I've broken my pact with Bec about buying new yarn before all the rest is knit, 
but have a fun project for the ride home!

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  1. I don't think I've seen a better father son picture that needs to be framed than the one of Hubs and Ace walking off to fish. We have enjoyed following your trip. Now I want to go there again....after I go to Florida to see the grandson!