Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reluctant, but necessary...

OK, I've officially decided to break my blogging silence about a certain life event...
one that occurred about 2 months ago.
My cousin has been chiding me about it every chance she gets.
There's been several reasons not to mention it,
but tonight, as I stand thankful, I'll just blurt it out in true bloggy fashion.

Hubs bought me a minivan.

maybe it's not so bad.
After all, I did get 2 of the things I demanded politely asked for:
built in DVD player

After all, a girl can only take so many screams and yells about how Ace just unplugged the DVD with his toes again...
and Ace's whining that he awready saw dis part.

So, after 10+ hrs in the minivan today I am developing a new perspective and have developed a rather reluctant list of things I am thankful for...
built in DVD player that I control
wireless headsets
(incl room to separate fighting children...which by some miracle didn't occur much)
aux adapter for ipod
ability to slide door open and become small boy's port-o-pot
pretty good gas mileage.

OK, that's enough.
Hope all is well with everybody!

Oh, and to all our TX friends...
you'll never guess what we saw today.
We had almost forgotten what the stuff was :)

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