Friday, June 11, 2010

Don't Feed The Animals...

Yesterday afternoon we hung out at Lilly Lake.
We'd never been there before, but will we ever go back!
It was gorgeous.

Hubs was able to do some fishing with his redheaded shadow.

Bug and I set off to hike around the trail, but were interrupted by rain...

So we hung out in the car for a little while while the storm ran through.
We're just hard core like that!
Now, the next part happened quite innocently.
See, when you travel with Hubs, you must always have a bag of sunflower seeds with you.
We have a huge bag right in front of the console, and he just grabs a handful whenever he wants.
The kids and I munch on them occasionally, and when we got out of the car Ace grabbed the bag to take on our walk...Cuz I might be hungry and need a snack...
Well, lesson learned...
because it seems that these little guys hearing is fine tuned to crinkling plastic bags...

In an instant, we were surrounded by 4 eager chipmunks.
Well, these guys were coming right up to our feet...
for those of you who have met Bug and her quirks, 
you can just imagine the screaming and scrambling that occurred the first time a chipmunk ran up to her.
I'm still recovering the hearing I lost.
Hubs came on over after he was done fishing and had to show us how brave he is.

At one point they were actually holding on to his pinkie to get the seed!
And of course, Bug the Brave was assuming her normal position...

And now...for the mystery animal of the trip.
I'm hoping one of you avid readers can solve the mystery...

There were 2 of them.
Initially we were thinking beaver...
looks like a beaver from here...
but after closer examination

They don't have a flat tail.
They swam great, were eating trees and weeds in the water,
but their tails looked like a thick, dark, rat tail...
our mystery swimming, beaver, rat thingy.

All input appreciated!


  1. All these pictures are making me with we had tagged along. Dad says he knows what the "beaver" is, but I forgot. I had never heard the word before and I'm not so sure he didn't make it up! Where does he learns these things?????

  2. Its a nutria (my expert sons, Trev & Chase, told me that).