Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cute Carlos...

So, I got called out by an "Anonymous" blog fan...
Where was Carlos' own vaca. blog post?
Well, here he is.
(had to sync the iphone to find enough!)
(those jammies were Ace's...make a girl get sentimental!)
Carlos wasn't in a whole lot of pics because this is how he spent most of vacation.
Here's one of his eyes!  They do open occasionally!

What happens when you're stuck in the back seat with your big siblings...

Sleeping with big bro...

(for all of those who are having a stroke about the belly sleeping...I was awake and right there the whole time, and after this pic corrected the situation.)

Another sappy sentimental moment...

Ace's first halloween outfit.

and I made this hat while we were gone...
my gauge was off a bit.
It fit Ace better (and he has a huge head)

There you go "Anonymous" he is no longer left out :)


  1. I was wondering the same thing as "anonymous" so I thank him/her for encouraging you to correct your mistake :-)

  2. "Anonymous". Is now happy