Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Got My Golf On...

OK, so Internet here at our cabin has been spotty at best.
Yesterday afternoon, when I finally got a good signal...blogger was down.
Last night, I just didn't care, I decided to keep knitting instead.
That's right, I hit the lovely little yarn shop again yesterday!!
The lady who runs it was nice enough to let me use a comfy chair and ottoman on the top floor to feed Carlos before we left.  Carlos will now forever love the yarn store too :)

So, I'm behind.
I'll start with Tuesday.

Tuesday was a LONG day, jam packed with tons of activities.
We started out the day the good old lazy way...
it's become a good old family tradition that whatever men are present here get up at the butt crack of too early, quietly tiptoe out of the cabin, and go fly fishing at a spot very carefully selected after much debate, weighing in and discussion.
Any girls and small children the proceed to sleep as late as they want, eat cereal in their PJ's and maybe shower if they feel like it.
The boys usually return somewhere in the neighborhood of 9-10.
So, after that whole shindig we headed for the Old Fall River Road.
It's an old, one way dirt road up the side of the mountain.
(Bug is hollering that they built it in 1947, but I'm thinking it was before that)
Anywhoo, we went up it...
sheer drop offs to your side and everything.
I'm realizing at this point that I should have swiped and downloaded Grandpa's card, you might can sort of see the dirt road there in the corner, but you can probably get the idea of how high up we were getting.
There are several really cool spots to pull off and look at the river and waterfalls coming down
I thought I had one of the whole family, but I'll have to steal from Grandpa.
Carlos, he just chilled out most of the way...
Sweet boy.
He was in the third seat with Bug and Ace so that we could all fit in the van.
(I'm just noticing in this particular pic he's not buckled, please don't fret, we had just put him in)
Speaking of sweet boy, I'll just throw in here that he has slept until 5:30-6 every morning since we got here, the goes back to sleep until around 9.
And magically mommy feels so much better and rested since :)

So, one thing the we've done new this year, that has turned out to be a stroke of genius...
while cleaning up and packing last week, I came across 2 of our old digital cameras, so I loaded them up with 1 GB SD cards of their very own and packed them.
We surprised the kids Tuesday with their "own" cameras...they LOVED it.
And boy do they get serious about their shots!
(I'll have to make a separate blog post just on their pics)

And there's Grandpa!
Grandpa also enjoys taking pictures, and this year, for the first time ever on a trip to Colorado, Grandpa got to sit in the passenger seat and take all the pics he wanted while Hubs was the one who focused on keeping us from sliding down the mountain!
(He took a LOT of pics)

So, back on track, after finishing the Fall River Road, we headed down the western slopes and stopped at at favorite picnic spot, complete with fishing on the Colorado River.
We ate lunch and the guys fished.
Hubs was very patient enough to let Ace tag along.
Ace talks...a LOT...and never quietly.

Ace also likes to throw rocks in the river...not an ideal activity for trout fishing waters.

And what, you may ask, do us girls do on such trips...
We hang out at the picnic tables, of course.
And read, or visit, or whatever else we want!

On the way back to our cabin we got to see a huge herd of elk...
by this point in the day, Ace had run his camera out of batteries and resorted to his binoculars...
or as he says "bin-oc-lee-ears"

These big guys were less than probably 30 yards from where we were standing at one point!
We even found some August!

So, to get to the whole point of this post...
we came back, cooked dinner, and decided to take the kids to play some putt putt golf.
Ace has been bugging us for weeks about playing putt putt golf.
We went, we played, I WON!!
5 holes in 1
sometimes just shooting with one arm.
Even won a free game for making a hole in 1 on the 19th hole...
all with a "handicap" as they call it in the golfing world
(i guess)

That's right...I won with Carlos!
We're a great team!
The problem is, we won a free game, so now we have to go back and try not to prove that our stellar game was a fluke!

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