Sunday, August 14, 2011


We are officially back.
I wasn't a great blogger this year, sorry.
To pick up where I left off...
Friday was our last day in Estes and was mostly spent downtown shopping and eating lunch.
We found the most lovely pizza place with an outdoor patio. YUM.
The kids, of course, tried to convince us that they couldn't live without just about everything they set their eyes on.
Hubs was nice enough to take the big kids to the playground for a bit so that Gram and I could wrap up our shopping kid free.
Carlos...slept the entire time we were in town.
He had a restless night and, I guess, was pretty worn out.
Later that evening we packed yet another picnic and headed to Endovalley.
We've never really spent any time there, but the day we went up Fall River Road we drove through and found some lovely picnic spots right next to the river.
Here's ours...
The kids enjoyed splashing in the river

the water was pretty chilly!

proud when they braved balancing the logs :)
And not to be left out...

this picture cracks me up!
He'd been a little fussy, I didn't have my Moby, I had to set him down really quick to help Gram out with the picnic supplies :)
Such a cute face!

Gram and Hubs took care of the hot dog cooking
we also enjoyed smores and roasted marshmallows before leaving.
And the mountains gave us a beautiful parting gift...

so pretty!
Hubs and I joked about finding a way to not leave this place...

this helped!
Until next year, I'll just come back here to remember !

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