Friday, August 12, 2011

A Day At The Lakes...

OK, this morning was all about Tuesday.
For Wednesday, I didn't take any pics...except one with my iPhone that I'll just have to share later...
1.) because it's too cute not to share
2.) because I can't bring myself to walk up and down the stairs one more time today unless our cabin catches which case I'll only have to go down.
Don't judge.
I played putt putt with Carlos again tonight and probably did about a hundred squats
(because, I've found, if you try to bend over wearing your baby, no matter which carrier you choose, his head will flop around in a manner that would send a chiropractor to an early grave)
and also, as you'll see in a few of the pics I'm getting ready to share (only because I want my kids to know I was on vaca and I can't cut myself out because I also want them to know Carlos was there too) I'm not exactly slim and trim anymore.
I'll start working on that ASAP
(esp since I just saw the pics and wondered who in the world that girl in the pics holding my sweet baby were)

Enough babbling.
Back on track.
Wednesday the boys did their big guided fishing trip...
the rest of us hit downtown with highlights of the taffy shop, organic soap store and yarn store.
I bought ACE a toy bow and arrow,
Bug picked a dream catcher
both made new friends in the playground.
Guys came home, supper cooked, hung out around the cabin...

One of my favorite days of vaca...
we hit the lakes.
We started out picnicking at Sprague Lake.
We met a few new friends while eating... 
and decided to share

This pic is hilarious to me.
Hubs was trying to get a pic of Ace being brave enough to hand feed the duck.
And, he was brave enough...technically.
I didn't know the kid could move so fast, but quicker than our fancy camera could take a pic, Ace had already snapped his hand back and started laughing.
Love that boy!

So, Grandpa brought a fishing pole for the kids to use and spent some time fishing with them.
Unfortunately the fish weren't biting.
So, we progressed around the trail a little to play while Hubs and Grandpa got their gear on for some "real fishing" aka fly fishing.
As many times as I've visited this same spot, I'm never done being amazed by the views here!
What an awesome and creative God!

(I'm not really sure what got into Bug today, but she could not would not be serious for a pic at all)
Now, just for the funny factor...
While waiting on our men folk, these clouds started rolling in.
If you've ever met my children, you'll know that they HATE bad weather, and at the ages of 7&4 can already read the radar app on my phone.
Now, if you've ever met my mom and I, you'll know that we don't get too excited about weather.
(drives Hubs crazy, he doesn't think I take the right things seriously at of these days I'll tell you about a time early in our marriage at the Piggly Wiggly)
So, like I was saying,
waiting on the men
dark cloud rolls up
thunder rumbles loudly

Bug screams like she's been shot,
while simultaneously doing a Super Man jump into the stroller,
Ace steals the umbrella and demands to leave immediately.
Me and Gram...
laughing hysterically.
My dad says we're really sick :)

cool as a cucumber.
Never woke up.
I'm vowing that he will be my one normal child...
somebody to stand out on the porch and watch the lightning with.
(a girl can dream, can't she?)

Here's a few more pics after the little shower blew through...

(Love these two!  Gram and Grandpa are awesome, for so many reasons!)
I wasn't going to include this last one.
Then I decided I'd cut myself out.
Then I just decided to leave it alone (for now) because, I love Ace in this pic.

It's not very often you get a real smile out of him, 
and if you can't see how much he loves his daddy right there, then you're blind!

Next stop was Bear Lake.
We did our ceremonial picture on the same rock that we do every time.
And every time we take it...we gain a kid.
One of my goals next week is to dig up all of the pics and post them in order
(as if that wouldn't be obvious).
Love it!

And that's all for now...
if anybody's still reading this long tedious post :)

Tomorrow's our last full day sad!


  1. I love all the pictures!
    And as for the "storm" know I would've been right there laughing with you and mom :-)
    Miss you guys!

  2. Also, your commentary is hilarious!