Friday, August 7, 2009

Crazy, Crazy...

In response to my own husband informing me last night that he's disappointed in my lack of blogging, I've decided to surface from what's been our abnormally crazy life this week to say hi!
That's right, things have been crazy!!
I know some of you are scratching your heads, thinking..."When are things not crazy?!?!", but trust me...I've felt in the twilight zone this week!
First on the agenda, and I'm disappointed in myself that I don't have pics, is I am embarrassed to say...until last Sat. my kids didn't know what the lake was :) Saturday morning after Hubs headed off to work the kids and I decided to go to the movies, then Gram called. Our friends the Johnson's had their little camper at the lake and they were headed out to join in...did we want to come? So, I say,"kids, do you want to go to the movies like we planned, or would you rather go to the lake with Gram & Grandpa and the Johnson's?" which was followed by confusing looks and the response "what is the lake?"...that's when I knew for sure that I am failing as a parent!! I was practically raised at the lake!! We had a boat most of my growing up time...camping, tubing, skiing, friends...most weekends during the summer, and a few crazy, freezing, spring and fall trips...and I have never taken my own kids the 20 min drive to the lake!
Anywhoo, needless to say, they had a blast! Bug enjoyed walking the "seashore" finding "she shells", and ACE's highlight was when Grandpa took him to the bathroom and he might or might not have let loose on Ben's truck tires...oh the joys of being a little boy!
Second on the agenda, and I've hesitated to post it, is Fri night we put in an offer on another that we really hope we get...and that could potentially close before the end of the month. Want to see me go crazy...just throw everything up in the air! Will we live here or there? Will bug go to school here, or there? Will ACE go back to preschool or do we start looking in the new place? Good Gravy! We can't even buy school supplies for kindergarten!
So, please pray for us! We turned in our life's info to the mortgage company yesterday (man, those people are nosey, wonder why!), and are trying to wait patiently (not one of my personal strong mom is prob laughing out loud right now) for some kind of an answer.
Ok, now that that's clear as mud, I promise some real posts and pictures...later!
Love you all!

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