Sunday, August 16, 2009

My, oh my!

Our recent life changes have called for us to be home a lot lately, filling these...

The kids are going with the flow and getting pretty good about playing together in their room...and since we've packed up about 70% of their toys...they don't make too big of a mess! Yeah for us!
So, the other day, while Hubs was at work and I was cleaning the kitchen and sorting through stuff, I notice a lot of laughing coming from the kids room! I think to myself "Wow, they are having fun!", I'm loving that no one's crying or tattling or jumping off of the dresser or raiding the fridge...this is great, I'm thinking!

So, I go into their room, and find this....

...I'm guessing maybe the lack of toys is leading to extreme creativity...we may have to pull out some of those toys again after all. :)

Can I just say again that thankfully Hubs was not know this because I haven't blogged about him having a STROKE!!

**In my defense...(and I only say this because I've had some negative feedback that my sweet, strapping son knows most all of the words to Mama Mia, and likes to have his big toe painted) that I drew the line when he backed up to me and asked me to "Hewp me cwose it" (wanted it buttoned) and intervened when Bug offered to do it, I also did not allow him to coordinate with the perfect shoes and accessories (which I'm sure, knowing his sister was coming up next)! We quickly changed close and got out of the house.**

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