Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What you've all been waiting for...

Ok, I've gotten enough complaints...we'll go ahead and talk about it.

Bugs First Day of School!!

This is the bright eyed girl Monday morning before we headed out.

Now, I was kind of concerned about how mornings would go. Anybody who has experienced Bug in the mornings knows that she takes after her mom...hard to get up, and usually doesn't wake up with a smile. Well, kindergarten had done wonders. She hops right out of bed and is ready to go!
Things have been a little stressful in the mornings, just because we haven't moved yet, so we're having to drive about 20 min each way this week. Thankfully, we are set to close on the new house Monday, so this should only be for a few more days!

Here is the big Kindergartner on her way down the hallway...

and standing in front of her door..

She is all about taking her lunch, and usually finishes it on the way home from school (which drives ACE crazy!) I've got to remember to pack him his own snack for the ride home.

You'll be happy to know that I held off on the tears until we got back to the car and were on the road. It hit me for the first time the Tuesday of "Meet the Teacher Night" that, while we're excited about moving and getting the new house, we are moving to a new community and really don't know anyone there yet. So, it's going to be an even different transition into school.
On our way into school Monday she was almost bouncing up and down with excitement. She said "Mom, I am so ready for this!!" and when I picked her up, she smiled huge and said "MOM! I had a GREAT Day!!" Well, I guess you can't ask for better than that! Tears and screaming would have been much worse.
As for ACE and Hubs...

they couldn't get out of there and to breakfast fast enough! :)

ACE cried after we left Bug at school, telling us to go back and get her, but has adjusted quickly. Having him at home by himself has been a fun experience. We've never really had him by himself before, so it's been fun to see his personality take off...and, don't worry, he still manages to make trouble well enough on his own! (There's just no so much screaming and fighting...still plenty of jumping and crashes!)

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  1. I bet Bug is the cutest little girl in Kindergarten! She's making me feel old!!

    On a side note, the first thing Trevor and Chase said after they got home from painting your house?..... "I have never in my entire life seen a little girl that looks EXACTLY like her Mom! I swear they talked about that forever that night!