Saturday, August 15, 2009

Prepare yourself for total randomness.

Ok, I've been absent from blogging for a while...sorry. As I've mentioned, things have been crazy! On top of the whole house thing (which seems to be going really well btw) we have been trying to pack as much fun as we can into the end of our summer!
Yes, life as we know it ends at 8am Monday August's called Kindergarten, and it's going to rock our world!
Gone forever are the random, spontaneous days of our previous life! *sigh*

So, I just downloaded 2 cards of pics and discovered that we've been really, really, I'll just randomly post a few events from the past weeks!

First, we are getting and Uncle Kris!

That's right...Aunt Bec's boyfriend Kris proposed last Friday! He surprised her and popped the big question at an event that she was singing at! Grandpa, Gram and Granmother were all there to see and got it on video! The ring is gorgeous, of course, and we're all very excited about it!

Next, and I know you've been wondering, "What about those sunflowers?" Well, wonder no more! ACE's sunflower that started out so little...well, it has grown to over 10 ft tall!

And was tragically taken up to be with Jesus last Wednesday after a very fast and violent storm that blew through town.

ACE actually thought it was pretty cool, and obliged us with a picture! Thankfully, the sunflower was our only loss...some of our friends were without power for 3 days and one had their whole fence blown over!
Now, we've also had several fun outings recently!
Last Friday (or the Fri before?) we took off to one of the kid's favorite places in the world...GattiTown...with my BFF and her 2 boys. Much fun was had by all, and in the end we ended up with a kazoo that was confiscated about 10 min after it was purchased (lest we all go crazy), a slap bracelet (which sent BFF and I into a long "remember when" of all of the different slap bracelets we used to own!), and about 20 dumdum suckers...which I am pretty sure were all eaten in the 5 min it took us to get to the mall...all for the "small" price I'm too embarrassed to post here (but it's all about the memories, right?). Here's the rowdy bunch all lined up (before we tortured them with hours of shopping, mostly for school clothes)...

I was very disappointed that the only pic I took that day turned out fuzzy!

Finally, after finding out that our contract was accepted on the new house, Bug and I spent Wed with our good friends Heather and Hannah! We had ate lunch and experienced our very first trip to IKEA! Wow, I had heard that it was overwhelming there, but geeze! For any of you who have never had the IKEA experience, beware...there is no easy way out when you and your tired kids have decided you've seen enough furniture wonderfulness! I almost broke out in "This is the store that will not end!" song about 3/4ths of the way through! :)

We had lots of fun, though! We found this super cute bed that would be perfect for Bug's new room!

She was so kind as to demonstrate how well she fit in it and tried her best not to smile while pretending to be asleep!!
The girls did such a good job being patient the whole day, they earned a ride on the Carousel!

Whew! That's a lot of, just to keep you on your toes...I'm saving the funniest picture I found for it's very own post!
So, stay tuned!!

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