Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Good Weekend...

Before I get going on our weekend...

Here's Ace's 1st day of preschool picture.
He hates pictures,
but thankfully, loves preschool!
I am so thankful that we found this preschool.

So, long weekend, lots of fun!!
(and unfortunately, not a lot of pics...bad blogger here)
Friday night Gram and Grandpa came over for dinner and the weather was gorgeous.
I've actually started to remember how nice it is to live in the country since the temps have dropped down to tolerable!
Ace enjoyed showing off his baseball skills and talked Hubs into letting out our dog Jenna who loves nothing more than to retrieve all of the balls and wait for more to be hit.
I'll have to video it sometime...she's very focused.

Saturday morning the kids and I enjoyed sleeping in, had PW cinnamon toast (YUMMY) for breakfast and decided on a whim to call up Aunt Bec and K to see if they had any plans for the day!
Lucky for us they didn't, so we loaded up and headed to their house.
We went to lunch at a place called the Mellow Mushroom, and all organic pizza place...
This was a cow in front

and K and Ace hanging out...

I am so thankful that K is very patient with kids.
He is going to be a great daddy one of these days!
My kids are in love with him :)
(of course he's had a lot of practice, being the oldest of 5 boys!)
And, of course,

Aunt Bec always gets smiles!
After a great lunch, we headed to the botanical gardens.
Ace was very upset that we took him to a "Walk Park", he wanted to go to a "Play Park".
2 lessons from the botanical gardens...
1.) Leave Ace at home next time.
2.) Bring a blanket, and a picnic next time.
There were so many awesome spots to just spread out a blanket and hang out while the kids run around!
We will definitely be going back there
(hopefully when its more in bloom).

I was all excited when I left...
I actually remembered to grab my good camera and some extra batteries!
Only to discover when we got there that I didn't have a memory card in it!
You guys should be very thankful for the camera on my phone...
without it you would never "see" us :)

That kid has to climb on everything!

This one was thrilled to find a big flower that matched her outfit!

Sunday we enjoyed a good morning at church.
This was our first official "promotion day"
I almost cried when I realized that I no longer have a child in the nursery.
Ace was promoted a few months early with all of his friends.
After church we headed to Granmother and Pop's house for a huge family lunch/bday celebration.
We had the best time!
There were tons of kids playing in "Granmother's park"
and we had a big, good old fashioned hen fest on the back porch.
At one point there were 4 generations of "hens" laughing and having a great time!
I love my family!

Monday we just laid low.
Hubs went bird hunting before we got up,
we headed out to the "Stuper Target" for a few things,
then BFF and her family came over to hang out.
Hubs cooked burgers on the grill, I broke down and cooked some of the black-eyed peas from our garden (and I'll just say YUM!).
Gram told me to bring the to a boil, then simmer them for hours, and she was right!
Then, while the kids played, we played Skip-bo...but as teams.
It was so much fun!
And, I haven't figured it out yet, but the guys won both rounds.
They always rallied at the end of the game after BFF and I kicking them to pieces to start out.

So, today was back to normal.
I've enjoyed being in our school routine, however, I'm seriously contemplating 4 day preschool next year.  (Yes, I see the irony in crying about it one week and dreaming about it the next.)  Ace got very used to having Bug around all summer, and is quickly driving me nuts.
He's bored.
Gram said that when JJ went to school Jrod was so bored he went out and got an imaginary friend.
I still remember "Mike".
He got Jrod in a lot of trouble :)
I don't necessarily need any trouble, but geez!

Anywhoo, that's enough about me...
Hope everybody had a great long weekend and is settling back into their weeks too!

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  1. Glad y'all got to come and visit!!!! Miss you already!