Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tales From the Wee School...

So, Ace has quite the personality.
He can be quite the goofball when he's not running around like a crazy kid.

So, today I was quizzing him about school.
I know from letters home that there is a theme every week with a bible story, bible verse, letter, shape, etc...
He's a typical male...I knew I was going to have to fish for any answers.
So, without fishing all I can get is they "pwayed pwaydoh".
"What about your Bible story today, what was it about?"
"Da one wif Jesus and da puppy!"
"I don't think there's any Bible stories with a puppy in them babe!"
"Yep, there is!"

So, I found his folder.
Bible story: Jesus and the little children
Nursery Rhyme: Where has my little dog gone
Letter: A (even though he insists that the picture they colored is a Crocodile and not an Alligator)

"Oh, I really like the song "Where has my little dog gone" will you sing it with me."
"I don't know it."
(starting to be silly now)
So I started singing it and he joined in when I "forgot" what came next.

And on a totally unrelated note...
while typing here on the the couch Ace and Hubs are bowling on the Wii.
Ace totally just called Hubs a "titty baby!"
I love that kid!

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