Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How To Spend Your First "Day Off"...

More appropriately titled...
How NOT to spend your first "day off"

So, today is my first "day off".
By that I mean, no work, no kids, no husband.
Just me with a whole5.5 hrs of free time.
Here is a list of ways I wanted to spend today.
1.)long nap
3.)nice lunch at Panera Bread
5.)go to Hobby Lobby and not have to tell anybody not to touch anything
6.)anything else leisurely in the quiet.

Here is how I got to spend my day so far...
Bug to school by 8am.
Home with Ace (his school doesn't start until 9, so we usually just hang out for a while at home before he goes.)
He was riding his bike, running around with Libby, then decided to play baseball.
Without too many gory details, I threw a bad pitch, which Libby chased after at the same time Ace swung the bat.
It was ugly, Ace was hysterical.
Hubs, the one with all of the emergency calmness and training, is at work.

So, after a emergency trip to the vet (that cost me what my pedicure would have), I'm spending my highly anticipated "day off" at home.
Eating a cold sandwich with just meat and cheese (because I really need to go to the grocery store)
BTW, I'm not a fan of the sandwich.
Doing loads of laundry.
Observing my slightly medicated dog for:
abnormal activity,
Oh, and I'm supposed to keep her calm all day.
Which won't be a problem until about 3:15 when I come home with the kids.

I've decided to just be thankful that things weren't worse.
And hope that Ace didn't figure out that I forgot to feed him breakfast in the midst of assessing the dog, calling Hubs and the vet, and trying to find a clean shirt appropriate to wear "to town".
Oh, the life!

Hope you all are having a good day!

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