Tuesday, September 28, 2010

(A Post In Which I Use Too Many Parenthesis)

September 28th is a big day.
8 years we've been our own family!
I didn't think when I got home this morning that today would be special.
Yes, it was our anniversary, but we both had to work.
See what happens when I think :)

I got a call from Hubs this morning as I was heading to bed after taking the kids to their respective places.
I was telling him Happy Anniversary, and that I was sorry we both had to work and couldn't spend the day together.
Then he laughed and told me to quit being sorry, because he was headed home.
I didn't believe him.
Not only was he headed home
(because in my book that was already amazing)
but he wanted me to sleep a little extra (yeah!!)
AND Gram was going to keep the kids for a couple of hours while we went out to dinner to celebrate!
The man is amazing!

I was so touched that he went out of his way to make what I thought was going to be a mediocre day special.
We had dinner at Olive Garden,
he let me order chocolate cake,
we reflected on the last 8 years and what would become of the next 42
(because I insist on being one of the grey headed couples still madly in love surrounded by their huge family celebrating a 50th anniversary, and yes, I'm going to wear a gold sequined fancy mu mu...I insist.)
we went to the store to buy Bug new dance tights...
because, despite the celebration, our Bug can't keep from getting holes in her tights.
(Come on, dreaming aside, we live in the real world.)
(And while I'm on a parenthesis kick, yes, Ace was jealous. I explained he didn't need any dance tights, and we threw out that bottom lip, crossed his arms, and proclaimed that he "NEEDED SOMPING TOO!")

So, Hubs, you've made it 8 years.
Dated me for 2.5
 (which was plenty enough time to have made you realize you would have been smart to run far away)
You are a great husband,
a wonderful father,
and I'm glad you didn't run away,
I Love You!
(and can't wait to go shopping for my gold sequined mu mu...
you're stuck with me for at least 42 more years!)

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