Thursday, September 2, 2010

This and That...

First, an update on Wee School...
He loves it!
Monday he came home very excited and told me all about his day.
Wednesday, he wouldn't even hold my hand on our way in!
Where, oh where has my shy mommy's boy gone?
I am so proud of him!

Speaking of,
get a load of my new favorite pic...
My mighty hunters!

On another note, while that pic was being taken, Bug and I headed out on what she calls a "girl date" to help ease a few of the hurt feelings she had from being left behind.
I don't know why she couldn't hunt.
She wouldn't need a gun,
that girl could talk a whole flock of birds to death in a matter of a few minutes :)

So, we headed out to one of our favorite restaurants that she calls "Cheese Soup"
we're talking about her day at school, upcoming start of dance classes and anything else that comes to mind when she pronounced, very matter of factly, and in her very best Texas Twang...
"Mom, isn't this just great! 
Two girls just sitting here,
havin a good time,
just eatin their soup!"
I'll admit it, I giggled.  Then quickly told her I thought it was really great to have a little time away from the boys!
I did, however, decline her request to move on to mani/pedi's after dinner.
(Bug loves "those girl dates where they paint your toenails")
I hope she always is up for "girl dates"growing up...
such fun and special times!
I'm amazed at how much personality is packed into that sweet girl!
We proceeded, after dinner, to pick out her new shoes for dance, 
then called JJ and went by to see Sweet Girl's new tooth.
I am so glad she waited until her mommy and daddy were home for that big event!

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!

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