Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oh So Random...

Friday we had to travel "to town" for some errands.
After hair cuts, a Dr. appointment, and a run to Sam's we were all ready for lunch.
Hubs decided to head to one of our favorite BBQ places.
What happened next will go down as probably one of the most random, exciting things for him ever.
I'm worried it may trump the recent birth of his new son.

OK, so as we walked in one door, Josh Hamilton and his wife walked in the other.
I'm not joking...Hubs could barely form a complete sentence.
He might have peed his pants.
Josh is his most favorite baseball player...
he spent the night outside in the cold with his brother and SIL for the chance to meet him this winter.
I had to take over ordering and paying for lunch, because he couldn't quit staring.
It was really cute :)

Turns out, the guy is super nice.
Hubs let him finish his lunch and took the kids out to meet him, and he spent about 5 min talking to them.
SIL drove like a mad woman with Uncle J's Josh Hamilton jersey and bat.
Here's a few pics we got...
This is ACE finally finding out who Hubs was talking about
It was priceless.
Ace loves to watch Josh hit "bombdiggities" aka homeruns!

Thank-you Josh Hamilton for deciding to eat lunch at our favorite BBQ joint...
you made my family's day!

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