Saturday, July 23, 2011

One Month...

Well, a few days late, but just for Grammy...
Our precious baby boy is 1 month old!!
(Gram blog stalks a friend of a friend who did these monthly pictures and has been insistent that I needed to do them too...I tried 2 different locations and will prob stick with the bed.)
This was actually the first time he has ever been in his bed.
I'll be real and just admit that I had to take a bunch of stuff out of it before we could get the pic.  Currently he's still sleeping in a bassinet in our bedroom because he insists that eating between the hours of 2-3 is necessary.  
(I'm totally not complaining either, I KNOW it could be a lot more frequent!)

This one is in the glider (with the ever present help of ACE).
You're also getting the standard "bored and awake, so lets nurse" face.
Also, because this seems to be the random facts post, the John Deere hat that Carlos is sporting was actually a baby shower gift of Bug's by my life long friend/brother "Coach Kraig".
If I was really on top of it I'd hunt down and scan the pics I have of Bug and Ace wearing it and go all sentimental on you, but I'm not, it's late, this post is 3 days behind and I'd probably cry.

I threw this one in, because, it's the first time I've captured this, my favorite face, on camera.
FYI, it's even cuter when you see it from above while he's snuggled in your arms.

Anywhoo, we celebrated Carlos' one month bday by catching up on blog stalking together...
This was my view.
I've been a tad worried that he's getting a little spoiled when it comes to being held...
but then I remembered that this is the last time one of my babies will turn one month old and decided we were going to soak it all in while snuggling.

So, what have we accomplished in 1 month?
Carlos has...
taken his first road trip (4th of July weekend)
visited Grammy & Grandpa's camper
been back to visit our work family, whom we LOVE
sent Hubs back to work...for a couple of weeks
been eating like a champ
weighed 11 lbs the last time we checked
is wearing size 1-2 diapers
filling out 0-3 month clothes
(we'll be lucky if they fit at 2 months)
been to the movies twice...

this is the two of us on our way into HP part 2!
He did great in the movie, only made a few noises,
and thanks to a slow weekday we were able to sit far enough away from others to nurse ad lib.
(yes, I swore I'd never be an out in public nurser...but I REALLY wanted to see that movie!)

So, the moral of this late night story is...
we're doing great!
Love this boy and can't figure out what we did without him!


  1. You know how much I love the updates with pictures!! Can't believe it's already been a month!

  2. Loving the pic of you at the movies.