Sunday, June 7, 2009


I would just like to say....
that I never had to use the above number for this sweet girl

This charming boy, however...

I've had to use it twice!
Yes, it's poison control...
They are very handy people, by the way, friendly too...if only you could talk to such friendly people when your child hasn't just done something...creative?

Our first call was when ACE had just started walking...he, as he often still does, toddled up to the dishwasher while I was loading it, pulled out a spoon, and with the fine motor skills never before seen on a 10 month old, scooped up a bite of dish washing detergent before I could stop him, and down it went! (this was, of course, before we headed down the more natural cleaning path and Seventh Gen products) He turned out fine...

Last week, while nosing around in our room,(2 ft away from us btw...I say that just so you know we aren't neglectful...obviously just blind) he took a roller of off brand muscle rub to his eye...that boy is fast! Thankfully, after Hubs rinsed him out really fast, and I made the dreaded call, he was fine. Pretty sure he won't try that one again!

Our boy seems destined, I think, to always keep us on our toes!
(The pic above is him after the incident with a wash rag...he came out unscathed!)

P.S. Just to prove how nice the poison control people are...that nice man even offered to call back in 1hr to check on us! I let him know we'd be fine, but thanks anyways!


  1. oh honey, he is the cutest mess i have ever seen...but, been there and done that twice with brynn...she is all her daddy! first call to the poison control was for brynn taking a drink of the finger nail polish remover...and yes it got moved up to a much higher cabinet...second time was when little miss independent decided to help herself to a snack except that snack was a tub full of fuzzy moldy strawberries...she said mommy these taste fuzzy...yyyyyuuuucccckkkk...and yes they are just about the nicest people you will ever talk to...and they called us back after 1 hr. to check on little miss independent and then followed up the very next day...Mark has them on speed dial!!!!

  2. That is great! So glad I'm not alone!