Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tour O Texas 2009...Stop #1

I recently blogged about mine and Hubs crazy work schedules, and reported on the fun ways we take advantage...well this week, we really went crazy!

It's been a while since we went anywhere far away as a fam, so I got a hair brained idea Tues afternoon that we should venture out and visit some of our family we haven't seen in a while.

Now, please take into consideration that I, evidently, am not too great on my geography of Texas. I mean, sure, I know how it's shaped, know where I live, know where the coast is and what the panhandle is...but when I suggested that we head out to Lubbock to visit our fabulous cousin, then "Since we're going to be that way anyways, why don't we head to Bwood and visit Aunt Bec" clearly I had no clue what that meant!

In my brain, since Lubbock is 5 hrs away to the "left", and Bwood is 4 hrs to the "left" then the two must practically be touching! Um, NOO! So, Hubs gave me a funny look, stoped short of pulling out the map of our great state to show me how off I was, and we packed up and headed out to Lubbock!

We had a fabulous time with "Cousin Heaber/Heaver"! She took us to lunch at 50th Ave Caboose where there was a huge arcade and great food. Here's Bug and our cousin playing "Deal or No Deal", Bug loves to slam that No Deal button, the girl has nerves of steal!

Ace with his "Heaber"...(who had to hold his hand anywhere and everywhere we went,his rules, of course)

Bug modeling the super cool princess crown she got with her tickets from playing games...

Later that day we spent some time in the pool, ate dinner, and went to the mall so the kids could run off their extra energy before bedtime! We had a wonderful, even though it was way too short, visit with Heather and can't wait to go back and visit again!

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