Sunday, June 21, 2009

T-O-T Stop 2...Fried Pickles Anyone??

Upon arriving in Bwood Tx we headed over to meet lively and irreplaceable Aunt Bec at her "Rapartment", the kids were super excited to see her (and her frogs)!

(Yes, that is Aunt the bathtub...with FROGS...that she grew from mere tadpoles, of course...sigh...)

And that is my brave Bug touching the frog after Hubs was forced kind enough to come demonstrate how easy it was to gently touch the frogs because mommy was totally grossed out and shivering in fear busy taking pictures of the event!

We had a lovely homemade vegetarian lunch (cooked by the newly reformed Aunt Bec) of mushroom, onion, and cheese quesidillas...yum...and headed over to the hotel for some swimming! But, unfortunately, God saw fit to send a rainstorm with hail and lightning, about the time we got our floaties on and got good and wet...also spoiling our plans to go to a hot air balloon thingy in Dr. Pepper TX...insert major sigh...
Luckily uncle Kris arrived into town and he and Aunt Bec came up with an even better idea...

The Runaway Train...a super cool old diner car that is now...a diner...complete with fried pickles!

These things were GREAT! We don't normally splurge on such fried up delicacies at our house, but to make up for the lack of swimming and hot air balloons, and exception was made!

Bug and Ace hanging out at the bar with Hubs...

Aunt Bec and cute!
The food was great, and super fun, so we headed off to the park, where Kris was kind enough to show Ace what not to do on the playground...because, evidently Ace needs even more help finding thing to climb up and jump off (his current life mission)...

That would be the top of a huge swing set...thanks so much Kris, I'll send you the ER bill the first time Ace figures this one out...

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  1. I've been waiting for this one :-)

    Loved it. I am feeling very fortunate to have been mentioned in your blog! ;-)

    ...the frogs are also feeling fortunate!